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Producer, DJ, artist, writer, actor, rapper, father, director, clothing designer, cobbler, blacksmith. Ok, the last two are lies but if he wanted to he could. In 2020 he's not only opening up a creative space on Fairfax, he's also releasing new music via his creative hub Purplehaus, producing a movie & launching his clothing line MONK PUNK.





Balthazar Getty is an award-winning actor, producer, designer and philanthropist. Getty has transcended the life of a young scion with benevolent aplomb. As a child, Getty began his Hollywood career starring in the film adaptation of the Nobel Prize-winning novel Lord of the Flies. Continuing to fill his resume with many classic and hit films, he then delved into television with the, ABC hit series Brothers and Sisters. Most recently, Getty reunited with legendary director David Lynch to revive the much-anticipated Twin Peaks series for loyal fans worldwide.

Born to parents Paul Getty III and Gisela Getty, shortly after his father's well publicized kidnapping. Balthazar grew up mostly in the Los Angeles area, but is a global citizen who speaks several languages. During his early adulthood, Getty found himself in the middle of the Los Angeles graffiti, DJ and hip hop cultures. He signed his first major record deal with Interscope Records, releasing the "Ringside" album in 2004.

Balthazar continues to advance the GettyFamily tradition of arts patronage and community outreach in many exciting new ways. Most recently, he founded Purple Haus Music, which serves as a platform for diversity and boasts a wide array of new talent, plus curated collaborations from artists including WuTang Clan, and Latin Grammy Award-winning artist Asdru Sierra. Getty has also become one of the industries hottest DJ's, spinning at exclusive nightclubs, parties and events for Fashion and Corporate events world wide.

Balthazar Getty lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Rosetta Getty, and their four children: Cassius, Grace, Violet, and June Getty. Raising a family is Getty’s most cherished accomplishment and his first priority.




Label \ Hector Mendoza Jr.

Purplehaus Records


Booking \ Sujit Kundu

sujit1@skamartist.com, 310-659-2970




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